Manufacturers of quality food products

CONSTANTIA FOODS is an added value food manufacturing company with 35 years experience in both the export and local markets.


Quality is central to everything we do at Constantia Foods. We have the highest standards of food quality and a team dedicated to food safety.


We make our own branded retail products for the NZ market, we also make products for Foodservice and we Export to Asia. We also co-manufacture under contract for other brands in NZ.

Export & Shipping

All products stay in our control until they are loaded and sent to our customers. We don't use third party logistics warehouses .


We produce a range of products created for the NZ retail market.

Constantia has a long history of making these well known products. They are available in supermarkets and retail stores throughout New Zealand.


Our capabilities include hot or cold processing

No matter what you need we have you covered, hot or cold fill, shelf stable, refrigerated or frozen products. We can fill in either flexible pouches or rigid containers, including cups, pails, drums or IBC. CONSTANTIA FOODS provides the highest level of food safety and quality assurance programs as our products are manufactured under an MPI  risk management program using HACCP processes


Talk to us about our export capability

Constantia has a long history of more than 25 years exporting our products to Japan and Asia. We operate a dairy products export risk management program.

Constantia Foods is situated near to the largest export port in NZ. There are weekly departures from the Port of Tauranga to most ports.

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We are proud of our own products and our customers products

As well as our own products we manufacture for other well known brands . The range extends across foodservice, retail and industrial segments of the food industry and we enjoy long standing relationships with many of the industry’s leading food companies.
CONSTANTIA FOODS has been exporting to Japan and other Asian countries for the last 25 years.

The factory of CONSTANTIA FOODS is located in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

Cracked Pepper Pate
100 grams
Smoked Salmon Pate
100 grams
Garlic Butter
110 grams
Garlic Margarine
230 grams

Here are some of our own brand retail products

We make these top selling products at our factory in Tauranga for the NZ market.

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food service

Talk to us today about our range of products for the food service industry

Constantia is well known for Garlic Butter and Garlic Margarine, this is available in many convenience formats for Foodservice and Catering.

We can also make products to order including most sauces. Contact us to discuss.